These "Bordelais" (inhabitants of Bordeaux) love their city and tell us everything about it. They are a real source of information for my visits :


* Invisible Bordeaux : this blog is actually written in English by an "Englishman in France", Tim Pike.


* Bordeaux 2066 : this team of french bloggers want to visit all the 2066 streets of Bordeaux and report interesting things about each. Good luck to them !


* The Mystick Troy's Blogpaper : despite the title, this blog is written in French by a friend of mine, about anything he likes, including the tramway of Bordeaux (his passion !). He also co-writes articles with Tim Pike from Invisible Bordeaux, so that they are available both in the languages of Shakespeare and Molière... or rather Montaigne or Montesquieu ! (for they are both famous French authors from Bordeaux)



And what about visiting another part of France? Discover Normandy and Brittany with my former collegue Cécile Loiseau!